I need at least 4 months to order bridesmaid gowns?!

It’s a shock to anyone that hasn’t dealt with a wedding before, and for most brides, you’re all new at this! You know that your dress needs to be picked a year in advance, and if a special order is needed (6 months) and alterations (2 months) you’ll be glad you allowed that extra time! But when the consultant tells you that you’ll want to place the order for your bridesmaids AT LEAST 4 months out…that seems crazy! But here’s the reason why.

Most companies require we allow 10-12 weeks for construction and delivery. When your bridesmaids come in, we measure them, find out what size will fit them best with the company’s size chart and then we place a special order in to the company. The company then gets to work at making the gowns! Most designers don’t have a whole lot of hanging stock in their maids styles, so when we place an order, they start being made! That alone is a process when put in line with all the other brides in the country. Then of course once your gowns are made (most usually overseas) they get shoved in boxes and shipped to our designer’s warehouse. As scary as it is, things can go wrong here. The box with your gowns in it (and 10 other bride’s gowns) could get stuck in customs for longer than expected. Not too long ago a UPS Plane crashed….with HUNDREDS of bridesmaid gowns on board! Freight ships can sick, crash, lose their freight. TONS of things can go wrong! But thankfully it’s a rare occurrence that something horrible does go wrong. Do have a peek at this web-site to know about the best freight services around you, who guarantees safety for your goods.

So once your gowns are SAFELY at our designer’s warehouse, they have to go through all those boxes they just got from overseas and sort through and check in everyone’s gowns. Remember, it’s not just your gowns in that box, but you plus at least 10 other bride’s. Once your gowns are all sorted and accounted for they get boxed back up and shipped to us. When they arrive to our store we unbox them, check them all and make sure everyone is here and accounted for, check over the gowns to be sure all zippers are working and the gown is in perfect shape. We steam them, press them, and get them ready for your bodies!

Then the best part! We call you, the bride! Exciting news, your gowns are here and ready for your bridesmaids! Your maids come in, try on the gowns, and per usual, a few need alterations! Alterations is a task that thankfully we offer in house, it’s not easy, and it does take time. For bridesmaids gowns we like to allow 2-4 weeks before the big day for alterations to be complete (brides we like 4-6 weeks). 90% of the gowns that leave our store need at least a tiny bit of alteration, whether it be adjusting a strap, adjusting the hem, or taking in/letting out at the seams, most everyone needs at least a little done. Most bridesmaids will pick up their finished and perfect gowns the week of the big day, and if you allowed enough time from the beginning with ordering, there should be no rush!

So with a standard of 10-12 weeks just for creation and shipping, and then 2-4 weeks on alterations, that adds up pretty quickly to 12-14 weeks or 4 months. So please make sure when picking out your bridal party’s attire you allow enough time to order! Leaving enough time will cause everyone less stress, and less worry, and that makes everyone a lot happier!!!!

P.S. We do recognize not everyone has at least 4 months before their big day, sometimes due to circumstances out of their control. Most every company of ours has a rush option (additional fees apply), and both locations have limited hanging stock for the bridesmaid in a pinch! Under the 4 month mark, don’t be afraid to ask what can be done! We’re not magicians, but we may have options!

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