Bliss Bride- Rachel Harms

Harms  10/21/2017

Favorite part of planning the big day

Watching it all come together. It went by so far from when I started planning.

“Blissful” Moment

I loved the one on one attention that Bliss gave me. I first went to Bliss. Tried on (my eventual dress) but want to go to a second place just to make sure it was the one. I went to a chain bridal shop and had the worst experiance. Went back to Bliss to try my dress on again and it was the one. Everyone there was so helpful. I also loved that they wanted the guys to try on their tuxes before they took them to make sure they fit!


Advice to a future Bride-to-Be

Enjoy every moment of the planning. It will go by so fast and when the day comes it will be everything you wanted.

Vendors you would recommend 
My dinosaur dreams-

Amazing flowers! Reasonable price

DJ Fancher-

Awesome DJ! Never experienced a DJ like him before.

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