Do you offer “Plus Size gowns?

Yes! Our Prom selections range from sizes 00-30, while our in-stock bridal gowns range from 4-30!

I found a style of gown I like, can I bring an example with me?

Yes! We encourage it. Feel welcome to bring in photos from magazines, websites, and other sources of the styles of gowns you like! Just makes sure to keep an open mind! Many brides come in with pictures of a style they end up not liking on their body type. Keep in mind that the best designers don’t advertise their gowns online/in magazines, so your gown may be one you’ve never seen before!

What should I wear to my appointment?

We would recommend wearing a strapless bra to your appointment. You will not be dressing alone, therefore it’s important to wear the proper and clean undergarments.

Should I bring my children?

As much as we are a family business, a bridal store is not the place for children. We like to keep you focused on you during your appointment, and if your mind is worrying about kids running around, we may miss something important! Also, a bridal store isn’t a very fun place for children, they get told to sit down and sit still for over an hour and there’s a lot of breakable things. A better way to involve the children is to bring them along for your final fitting. This way they’re only expected to sit for 15-30 minutes and get to see the whole look put together.

How many people can I bring with me?

While it makes for a fun girls day trip, getting too many opinions in the room could cloud your opinion, and that’s the most important! Bringing Mom, and one or two other trusted individuals is usually the magic number. Keep the numbers low for your decision making appointment and bring the rest during one of your fittings after the decision has been made.

Can I buy a gown off the rack?

Yes! All of our gowns are for sale right off the rack, if we happen to not have the right size or color, many of our gowns are available for reorder!

Do you offer alterations?

We offer discounted alterations with the purchase of your Bliss gown.

Do I need to make an appointment?

To browse our collection of Bridal gowns we do ask that you set up an appointment so we can give you the one-on-one experience you deserve!

We strongly encourage an appointment for Prom shopping as well, expecially on weekends.

Bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom and other event wear is out and available to look at at your convenience. If you plan on bringing a large group to browse our bridesmaids section, we do recommend making an appointment so we have a consultant available for your group!