Bliss Bride: Loretta Campbell

Campbell 3/11/2017

Favorite part of planning the big day

My husband and I planned our wedding in 5 weeks. During those five weeks, in the midst of planning our wedding, I took 18 credits worth of classes at UNI, cared for Momma on the weekends, attempted to keep my relationship with Zach afloat, and participated in premarital counseling late on Sunday nights via Skype. To better understand why this happened, you must know that I had received a phone call on Tuesday, January 31 at 3:30 P.M. It was my momma, her voice only cracking for a moment after I had asked what the doctor had said at her appointment that day. There was nothing left for the doctors to do. There would be no more treatments. I needed my momma at my wedding and we prayed that Momma could hold out for five weeks. I would be lying if I told you that planning that incredible day was easy. My favorite part of landing our wedding day, truthfully, was the moment I told my Momma that Zach and I were going to get married in the little baptist church that she attended as a child in Rockwell, IA. Momma began to cry, “You wanna get married at my church? My momma and daddy’s church?” That moment, along with so many more from those weeks leading up to the day, have filled me with incredible joy over the past several months.

“Blissful” Moment

As I walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand with my momma, being pushed by my father, being lead by the Spirit, bliss was all around me. I found myself anew. I was clothed in white (I was literally in a beautiful white dress), walking towards my joy (my future, my better half, my best friend, my husband), holding onto my laughter (the woman who raised me, held me, celebrated me, my momma), letting go of my anger, setting aside my heartache, and singing out, “Your GLORY God is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by your presence.” What incredible bliss.

Advice to a future Bride-to-Be

People remember just three things about any wedding:
1) The Food
2) The Dress
3) The Joy

Stop stressing about the rest of it. It is not worth it.



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