Bliss Bride- Brittney Friederich

Friederich 9/23/2017

Favorite part of planning the big day

My Favorite part of planning my big day was definitely trying on wedding dresses at Bliss! It was such a fun experience and I felt like a princess!!

“Blissful” Moment

A blissful moment of my day would be reading our vows we had written to each other, it was really personal and I was completely in the moment.

Advice to a future Bride-to-Be

Don’t stress as much as you can! I stressed out a couple of times, to the point of tears..but in the end everything worked out and my day was absolutely perfect.


Vendors you would recommend 

Dempag Photography & Entertainment– 

Yale was by far the easiest vendor to work with throughout my entire experience. He did his best to cater to my day and things I wanted. Hes the whole package too, photographer, DJ, and photo booth!! Also for a great price!!

The Historic Park Inn– 

I would recommend this venue because 1) it is gorgeous in itself. 2) its a piece of history!! and 3) they really stepped up to the plate on my wedding day and made sure everything ran super smooth!

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