Bliss Bride: Brittany Eriksmoen

Eriksmoen 3/24/17

Favorite part of planning the big day

One of my favorite parts of planning our wedding day was to be able to enjoy it with our children. They were so involved and it really tied the planning piece of it together.

“Blissful” Moment

Finally saying yes to the dress! I had looked at several stores and there was not a stress that stole my heart until I went to Bliss.

Advice to a future Bride-to-Be

Relax and enjoy the day. You will be surrounded by so many people willing and wanting to help you make this the happiest day of your life, let them. You should not worry, just enjoy the moment. It goes way to fast!!


Vendors you would recommend 

Krissy McCabe-

Krissy captured our wedding moments incredibly!



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