Myth of the $99 Wedding Dress

Following engagement, many brides discover that things are much more expensive than they thought they would be, particularly when it comes to a wedding dress. Many brides today come into bridal salons saying they have budgeted two or three hundred dollars on the low end for a wedding dress and maybe up to five hundred dollars on the high end. They are shocked to find the nearly impossible task of finding a well-made dress in this price range.

Most brides who have insisted on finding a dress in the $99 to $300 price range have found quickly that all dresses are not created equal. Those brides who are so set on a low-end price often end up spending more money on alterations than they did on the price of their dress because it is so inexpensively made.

In fact, most gowns that are sold for less than $600 that you see heavily advertised and promoted by the big box retailers are made from synthetic fabrics that have minimal construction details and are made this way by the store’s request to their manufacturer to cut costs. These dresses usually don’t have underlining, have minimal boning (if any at all) and are missing other structural supports to help the dress fit properly. These supports are extremely important as both boning and underlining fabrics help to hold the bodice of a dress up and securely in place. They also help provide a smooth fit over the bodice of the dress. If a dress doesn’t have boning or good lining, you will see more wrinkles and crinkling of the fabric in a wedding dress. The last thing a bride wants to see in her wedding dress is bulges in the fabric of her dress due to minimal boning and lack of inner construction.

If you have been feeling stressed by the cost of your wedding and in particular a dollars you’ve budgeted for your wedding dress, this special report I’ve written is just for you. I’d hate for you to make a mistake with such an important purchase that will be one of the focal points of your big day (especially since everyone will see you in it and will comment on how you look).

In this our first blog, we’ll explore how myths like the $99 to $300 wedding dress have appeared and why wedding dresses cost what they do. We’ll also share with you several insights into how wedding gowns are constructed so you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money..

The initial sticker shock of wedding dresses may have come as a surprise to you. Why does a dress you’ll wear one day of your life seem to cost so much?

There are four reasons and they all encompass various aspects of how the dress is made.
In our next post we will explore each of the four reasons.

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