Jaquelyn Hanson

Favorite part of planning the big day

The best part of planning our wedding was being able to tell the wedding planner what we want then sit back and relax until the big day.

“Blissful” Moment

The beach was awesome but after the ceremony, my husband and I were able to catch a few quiet minutes in this tropical rain forest just off the beach. It was so surreal (and beautiful!).

Advice to a future Bride-to-Be

I think the best advice I received was to just do whatever would make me happy. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone not happy with your choices so don’t make them based on what other people want.

Vendors you would recommend (Names, Websites, etc.)

Pam Larsen with Tropical Weddings VI in St. Thomas was awesome. She had everything setup and running smoothly, so all we had to do was tell her what we wanted and show up!

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